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{Reminded me of Ariel!}

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(Capricia) ☆ :Would they ever wish upon a falling star? If so, what would they wish?

  “Rici, look!” 

  Coughing through the exclamation, Nadia Vetrov bounced beneath the heavy blankets layered over her thin frame. She pointed, almost flapping her hand at the window and coughed again. 

  “Nadia, calm down.” The slim blonde dropped her book, rising to her feet to glide across the room. Laying a cool hand on her sister’s forehead, Capricia repressed a frown. “You’re working yourself up into a sweat.”

  “But Rici, you missed it! It was a falling star!” The skeletal girl reached out her bony fingers to take her sister’s wrist, pointing with her free hand. “It shot right across the sky!” 

  Capricia’s aquamarine eyes warmed as she lifted a brow at her sister. “And did you make a wish?”

  “Of course! You told me that’s what you do with falling stars!” The feverish gleam in Nadia’s eyes grew as the child began to cough again. With a slow breath, the elementalist reached for the glass of water, brushing a hand along it to chill the liquid within. Perched on the edge of her sister’s bed, Capricia supported her head, giving Nadia a few slow sips. 

  “Don’t strain yourself to talk,” she said softly, brushing Nadia’s sweat-soaked bangs away from her forehead. “You need to rest.”

  “I made a wish, Rici,” the child said, settling back into the pillows. “I wished for Father to come and say good night to me.” Her green eyes were glazed as they focused on her sister’s face. “Do you think he will? Wishes come true, don’t they?” 

  “…of course they do, love,” Capricia said softly, brushing fingertips over Nadia’s eyelids, urging her into rest. Her own eyes burned, scalding tears fighting to rise, and she drew a slow breath as she ignored the streak of pale light across the night’s sky. “Of course they do.”

{The answer? No. Not anymore.}

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☾ :On a sleepless night, what would they be found doing?

 Moonlight spilled silvery bright across the floor, illuminating the lines of the hardwood, catching individual hairs on the furs heaped across the bed. Beneath the furs, the Wolf slept, one arm still outflung over the space beside him she had vacated. Capricia looked over her shoulder towards her husband and ran her tongue across her lower lip. 

  Silk, gossamer and nearly paper fine, brushed across her hand as she held up the thin ‘gown’ that had been so hastily packed on their brief pause at Hawksbury. The elementalist’s lips drew into a mischievous smile as she lifted it and let it fall over her head. A sway of her hips let the hem dance about her slender ankles, the slit in the skirt revealing her left leg from waist to toes. 

  Silently, Capricia drifted across the room and paused to tilt her head back, breathing in the icy air that gusted with a faint breeze from the window Noel had left slightly open. The cold toyed with her body, not an unpleasant sensation for one who could attune herself with elements at will. Her smile remained, deepening slightly as she walked to the bed and slithered onto the furs. Without a word, the blonde leaned down and brushed her cool lips across Noel’s sleeping mouth.

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{This made me think of Eilat/Lily!}

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۞:Are there any inner demons they can never seem to get rid of? What are they? - For anyone!

  Flipping her head to move her bangs out of her bright golden eyes, Chessi pursed her lips and tweaked the minute gear delicately. As she braced her right hand with her left, she held her breath, narrowing her gaze as she turned the tiny screwdriver in slow increments. 

   “Gods save us all, you can’t do anything right, girl!” Les’ voice was loud enough to ring out over the grinding of smoking gears, and his beefy hand swung out, knocking the adolescent away from the worktable. Hastily, he found the lever to flick off the lathe before running his thick fingers over his face. “I swear, whoever made you think you could cut it as an engineer was drunker than a Norn at the ass end of a moot! Get the hell out of here before you blow the whole damn shop up!”

Teeth gritted, Chessi hunched her shoulders as she turned the cog just a weeeee bit further… Almost… A soft ‘click!’ sounded and she sat back on her heels, grinning from ear to ear. Triumphantly, she flicked the switch to activate the healing turret’s misters. 

  Both Seraph swung around, their eyes rounding beneath the ridge of their helmets. A look was exchanged as they broke into a run, charging around the corner of the building towards the open door. Smoke billowed out, following the coughing blonde who stood bowed, her hands on her knees. She swayed on her feet, coughing again, and picked at a bit of shrapnel stuck in her cheek. Vivid blood ran down her jawline, cutting through the powdery ash, and Chessi straightened, working her mouth as she turned to look into the shed. 

  “…guess that was too tight after all,” she said quietly, turning to give the flabbergasted Seraph a weak smile.

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♆ :Are they prone to violent outbursts or thoughts? (Any of your billion alts)

  Vivienne looked up calmly when the stack of books was dropped onto the table, grey eyes shifting from the tomes to the Explorer standing on the other side. His mouth was a slash of annoyance, arms crossed over his chest. 

  “I can’t find a gods be damned thing in this stupid library,” he snarled, shoulders set. “Aren’t you doing your fucking job?”

  As the Scholar rose, she smoothed her slate blue Priory robes and shook her auburn braid over her shoulder. “What in particular are you looking for?” 

  “That report I filed two months ago on the Hylek. It’s supposed to be filed with the monthly reports and it is not,” he spat, moving around the table. The size difference between them was instantly evident as he pushed into the Scholar’s personal space, his crossed arms bumping into her chest. Vivienne looked up at him, light gleaming off of the silver frame of her glasses, and exhaled very softly. 

  “Your report required considerable editing,” she said, her tone quiet. The stutter which had plagued her for years, nearly erased by the last eight months of experience, was utterly absent now. Vivienne’s jaw set as she took a precise step back, pushing her chair away from the table. “I am awaiting approval to have it listed and cataloged.”

  “Approval?! I wrote the damn thing and it’s just fine!” He took a step forward, arms dropping to give the Scholar a push. “I don’t need some library mouse to tell me what is and isn’t appropriate for a report when she hasn’t even been out of the damn library in her entire life!” 

  A flicker of foefire green shone beneath the placid fog of her eyes, and the Scholar caught herself when she stumbled. Vivienne drew in another slow, careful breath as she met the Explorer’s eyes and her plush lips drew upwards into a pleasant smile. 

  Behind the Explorer, one of the bone minions clicked its’ fangs, claws tapping against the stone floor as it moved forward, hissing softly. 

  “Perhaps you do not,” the necromancer said calmly. “Regardless, the spelling and grammatical errors in the report necessitated considerable editing before it could be presented for review. When I included a copy of your original text, it was deemed subjective and could not be filed with the monthly reports.” Vivienne straightened her posture, tipping her chin upward. “And if you touch me once again, I will file another report explaining why it that I was forced to drain the life energy from a Priory Explorer and dispose of the withered husk.” 

  She smiled pleasantly. “…now, is there anything else I can help you with?”

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  • ☠ : Are there any recent/daily thoughts they have about death or dying?
  • ☯ : Do they believe for every darkness there is a lightness? If not, why?
  • ♥ : Name one thing about the way their emotions work that they despise.
  • ☆ : Would they ever wish upon a falling star? If so, what would they wish?
  • ☁ : Describe how they would spend a stormy, overcast/rainy day.
  • ☂ : Storms or clear skies?
  • εжз : What about nature do they find calming? What about nature do they find disagreeable?
  • ☎ : List three or more people they would call out for during an emergency.
  • ☛ : What is their typical response to being given orders?
  • ☢ : Describe a thought or dream that would cause them to have a mental meltdown.
  • ✄ : Are there any reasons why they would ever think of self-harm? If so, what are they?
  • ❤ : Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.
  • ❥ : Describe a verbal way they would express complete trust.
  • ✗ : Explain how they portray feelings of hostility or dislike.
  • ⊗ : What is something that causes them to question themself?
  • ☾ : On a sleepless night, what would they be found doing?
  • ☤ : Is there anything about their health they are continuously on edge about? Something they disregard?
  • ✓ : Name at least two people who can trust them with their life.
  • ❣: Describe a way that will earn affection (whether platonic or romantic) from them.
  • ✖ : Describe a way to make them uneasy or apprehensive.
  • ♆ : Are they prone to violent outbursts or thoughts?
  • ✏ : What are their creative outlets?
  • ✉ : Do they tend to rely on words or actions more?
  • ♡ : Is there a certain scent that brings about nostalgia? If so, describe a memory this scent brings back.
  • ۞: Are there any inner demons they can never seem to get rid of? What are they?
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Yes, this is quite the collection, isn’t it? My Wolf seems to utterly adore them.